3rd Polish Open Championship

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The 3rd Polish Open Championship tournament will be held on 22-23 of March 2014 in Warsaw.



Regulations III Polish Shogi Championship and Polish Open Championships in Shogi

The organizer of the tournament is Polish Shogi Association, SOTO – Far East Center of Culture and Sport, MO TKKF Drogowiec Krakow

1. The tournament includes:
3rd Polish Championship (PC) - a system of three cup rounds (eight Polish players with the highest ranking) or in a larger number of players with a rating FESA four cup rounds (16 Polish players).
3rd Polish Open Championships (POC) - 9-round Swiss (all Polish players and foreigners). Players dropping out of PC go to the POC and save results from PC.

2. The tournament will be held on 22-23 of March in SOTO building, Karolkowa street 28, Warsaw
- 22nd of March - PC and 5 rounds of POC from 12.00 o’clock
- 23rd of March - rest rounds of POC from 10.00 o’clock, ending at approx. 15.00

3. The tournament is played combined system (Cup - PC and Swiss – OPC) or round-robin (less than 11 participants), 9 rounds.

4. Players can not propose and agree on a draw, and in the case of a tie according to the general principles the game is repeated with the remaining time to think and added five minutes.

5. The title Champion of Poland gets winner final game, the loser gets title of vice-champion of Poland, losing in the semi-finals play for the third place.
For round-robin tournament order of the PC is set by excluding the game with foreigners.

6. The results of POC is determined by number of points with the classification :
1 / middle Bucholz
2 / full Bucholz
3 / progression
4 / directly result
or in a round robin tournament
1 / directly result
2 / Berger,
with possible overtime with a rate of 5 min + 30 sec. byo-yomi to establish the first place

7. Rate 20 min + 40 sec. byo-yomi for each player.

8. Applications for the tournament must be made
1 / e-mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2 / before the tournament - close the list of participants in the place 11.50 a.m.

9. The entrance fee is 15 zł.

10. The equipment provided by the organizer.

11. Starting list is determined by the ranking of FESA, and for unrated assumed to be 0 points.

12. Awards:
PC - medals for places 1 - 3
POC - cups for places 1 - 3
prizes and gifts

13. Designated by the organizer of the person interprets the rules, announced before the start of the first round of the detailed rules of the game differ from generally accepted, watches over the course of the tournament, performs matching and settle disputes.

14. The tournament will be submitted for rating FESA.

15. Contact and information:
Mariusz Stanaszek (+48) 693-646-823, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Grzegorz Adaszewski 698-877-586, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16. In addition in 22nd of March there will be dobutsushogi and minishogi tournaments (no fee):
Dobutsushogi : application before 9.50, start 10.00, 7 round, rate 5 min.
Minishogi : application before 17.00, start 17.30, 7 round, rate 6 min.