Cracovia Shogi VI

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Polish Shogi Association
and MO TKKF Drogowiec are proud to announce the incoming VI International Shogi Tournament - Cracovia Shogi that will be held on December 27-29, 2014 in Cracow.


· Polish Shogi Association
· Malopolska Chess Association
· The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technique

The tournament will take on 27 - 29 December 2014 y. as a part of the 25th International Chess Festival “Cracovia'14”, in the Galaxy Hotel, Poland, Cracow, 22a Gesia st.

The conditions are the same as for the 25th International Chess Festival “Cracovia' 2014”.

· The tournament will be played according to the Swiss system on a distance of 9 rounds. In case of a smaller number of participants the organizers reserve for themselves the right to adapt the game system to the number of players, in it, to decrease the number of rounds.
· The competitors can not suggest and co-ordinate the draw, and in case of the draw according to general
principles the party shall be repeat as blitz game 7 minutes for each player.
· The order of places is established according to the number of scored points with an auxiliary classification as follows: middle Bucholz, full Bucholz, progression, a direct result.
· The game rate 45 min. + 30 sec., byo–yomi for each player.
· The registration fee amounts to 30 PLN / 8 EUR.
The participants of the Chess Festival Cracovia’14 who paid there the registration fee are released from it.
· The equipment is guaranteed by the organizer.
· The start list is based on the ranking in turn FESA.
For persons without ranking 0 points is assumed.
· The organizer appoints the person who is responsible for the correct playing.

27.12.2014 14.15 – the opening and rounds I, II
28.12.2014 9.00 - rounds III, IV
28.12.2014 14.00 - rounds V, VI, VII
29.12.2014 9.00 - rounds VIII, IX, the end
Rounds II, IV, VI, VII, IX begin 15 minutes after the end of the previous round.

I place 500 zl
II place 300 zl
III place 200 zl
IV place 100 zl

Phone +48 693-646-823; e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and before the tournament.
The list of the participants closes at 2.00 p.m.


The list of registered players could be found at chessarbiter.

(This announcement is availbale to download in PDF format).