12th Polish Shogi Championships and Polish Open Shogi Championships

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Published Date Written by Grzegorz Adaszewski

Please find the regulation of 12th Open Polish Shogi Championship below:


1. The organizer of the tournament is the Polish Shogi Association, Terminal Kultury Gocław and Gramy Krystian Kuźmicz company.
2. The tournament is played in a combined system:
- Polish Championships (MP) - cup system (all Polish competitors entering the Championship);
- Polish Open Championships (OMP) - 7 rounds of the Swiss system (all registered competitors).
Games played and points scored in the MP are included in the OMP.
3. The tournament will be held on May 11-12, 2024 in Warsaw, Terminal Kultury Gocław, ul. Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 24.
– 11/05/2024 - MP and 4 rounds of OMP from 12.00
- 12/05/2024 - completion of MP and OMP from 10.00, ending approx. 15.30
4. In case of a tie according to the general rules, the game is repeated with the remaining time for reflection +5 minutes (without byoyomi).
5. The title of Polish Champion is won by the winner of the final game, and the loser in the final receives the title of Vice-Champion of Poland; the losers in the semi-finals play for third place.
The Polish Champion, and in the event of his resignation, next competitor, will be registered as the Polish representative at the Shogi Forum on November 7-10, 2024 in Tokyo.
6. The order of OMP places is determined according to the number of points scored with auxiliary classification:
1/ medium Bucholz
2/ full Bucholz
3/ direct result
4/ progression
7. Rate 30 min + 40 sec. byo-yomi for every player. Sente is established through furigoma. If a round lasts over 120 minutes, games still in progress will be completed with a 15-second byo-yomi.
8. Applications are accepted by Mariusz Stanaszek, tel. 693-646-823, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the tournament website: http://chessarbiter.com/turnieje/2024/ti_1756/.
9. Closing the list of MP participants on May 7, 2024, - OMP on May 11, 2024 11.00.
10. The entry fee is: PZShogi members PLN 30, others PLN 50
11. Prizes: occasional statuettes
- MP – for places 1-3
- OMP – for places 1 – 3
- for the best junior
- other prizes and gifts
12. The tournament will be submitted for FESA ranking evaluation.
13. By registering for the tournament, the applicant accepts the terms of the regulations and consents to the recording of his/her image and the processing of personal data by the organizers for information and marketing purposes.
The Organizer reserves the right to free use of audiovisual materials produced during the Tournament, in particular photos, film materials, interviews and sound recordings of participants for information and promotional purposes.